About Us

Our Café

Serving the best Crêpes and Waffles in Mississauga!

We welcome you to come in to our outdoor themed French style café to enjoy our French crêpes and Belgian waffles.

We take great pride in serving food without compromise. Food we would serve both head of state and our own family.

Fresh ingredients, inviting atmosphere. Come enjoy a savoury galette, followed by a sweet crêpe for dessert, and a freshly brewed cup of the highest quality coffee.

A Few Words About Us

Serving the Best Crêpes since 2019

A doctor and an engineer… what could happen? Delicious and wholesome… and years of tweaking recipes, formulae, techniques, and procedures.

No WiFi For Anyone

Please don't ask for the password... Enjoy your meal and good company.

Our Food Policy

We believe in simple, fresh, delicious food, done right. Food that we would be proud to serve our family. Fresh ingredients. Careful preparation.